Corporate Functions

Enjoy Good, Clean Corporate Magic at Your Next Work Event!

From New York to Los Angeles, Coby has performed countless corporate magic shows across the country. If you're searching for a corporate magician, look no further!

As a seasoned corporate entertainer, Coby has drawn rave reviews from countless corporate audiences. Check out the client library and testimonials to see a sample of the companies that have hired Coby and enjoyed his unique brand of mentalism.

Coby Brings a Touch of Magic to Your Corporate Event!

Coby's performances are packed with illusions and mentalism ideal for corporate entertainment at any work event. Coby's shows are devised for a sophisticated audience – every performance is filled with clean entertainment that is safe for a work environment, yet will be a part of the water cooler talk for weeks! Coby is invested in providing your company with a memorable experience, and devises a unique performance that will suit the needs of your specific event.

Coby's raving reviews aren't an illusion. Hear what clients had to say about their mesmerizing and memorable experience with the Magic of Coby!

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