Coby: The Ultimate Trade Show Magician 

A product is nothing until and unless it is marketed to the right kind of audiences in the right way. You definitely find the right kind of “audiences” through surveys and questionnaires, however, finding the right “way” to introduce your product to the audiences is something very tricky. There are tons of products bombarding users…
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Trade Show Magician builds Leads at Your Next Trade Show Appearance

There is no doubt that trade shows are useful for any business. With the help of trade shows, exhibitors can get more leads, increase brand awareness, build partnerships, analyze current and prospective clients and get involved in networking. All these things will definitely improve any business. The thing is that when exhibitors set their booth…
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Magic of Coby Launches New Website!

Welcome to! We're pleased to launch a brand new website featuring the talents of professional magician and illusionist, Coby Elimelech! Coby is a seasoned corporate magician who has performed in front of countless audiences all over the world. His specialty is performing at corporate events and trade shows. Our new website was built to…
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