Create Ridicules Crowds, Convey Your Message, and Create Qualified Leads

Your business is guaranteed to be the highlight of the show with Coby to keep audiences entertained! He draws a crowd to your booth, giving your salespeople a chance to capture leads and connect with prospects. With so many things to see and do at a tradeshow, hiring a tradeshow magician is a small investment that is sure to pay off big! With the power of magic on your side, people are guarnateed to stop by your booth and get to know a little more about your company. Coby has worked as a tradeshow magician for companies such as Energizer, GE, Four Seasons and Hugo Boss. From New York to Los Angeles, Coby has performed as a tradeshow magician all across the United States.

Why Hire Tradeshow Magician Coby?
• It draws huge crowds to your booth
• Custom scripting educates customers about your product in an entertaining and memorable way
• Increases follow up opportunities and encourages people to share contact information
• A tradeshow magician fits anywhere, including a small tradeshow booth
• It creates buzz around your booth. People at the tradeshow will talk about what they saw and encourage others to check it out!
• It's a cost effective way to bring enthusiasm to your booth. You're already spending lot of money to exhibit - make sure people are interested in what you have to share!

See for yourself how Coby's unique brand of close up magic draws an audience and keeps
them enthralled.

Capture Leads and Business With a Close Up Tradeshow Magician!

Thousands of dollars can go into showcasing your business at tradeshows. Ensure that your booth draws a steady audience with Coby's close up magic show to pull in fresh eyes. While your salespeople close the deal, Coby's enthralling magic performance will keep fresh leads flowing! Every performance is tailored around your business and is safe for any work environment.

See The Trade Show Demo Video.

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