5 Cozy ways to bring Friendsgiving to the office

Virtual team bonding and toasting at Thanksgiving dinner
November 26, 2021

Do you want to host the ultimate Thanksgiving dinner at your desk?

This holiday season, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner outside of your home. Hosting a team gathering can be stressful, but if you follow these simple steps, you’ll be able to create a stress-free environment. You can also read our quirky Thanksgiving ideas here: 5 Quirky Ideas For a Hybrid Teamsgiving Celebration (themagicofcoby.com)

Hosting a team-building event can be challenging. What, more Friendsgiving, right? Often, the events become stressful and exhausting for employees and guests alike. To ensure a successful and memorable experience, make sure you plan ahead. Plus, it’s essential to have fun while you’re doing it! We know that the work setup for some has changed due to the pandemic. But worry no more! We can definitely find a solution to make your Friendsgiving in the office as smooth as butter.

Here are some tips to help you get ready for your office Friendsgiving:

1. Don’t sweat bringing everything in. Fork out some money and order food!

You don’t necessarily need to bring anything from home. It’s not a problem f you want to do that, but But, you can save effort if you fork out money and order food. You don’t want to mess up your morning by bringing a bowl of that mouth-watering salad or heavy cans of cranberry sauce on the bus or subway to work.

2. Have a playlist prepared for entertainment

Everything is at your fingertips now, thanks to technology. It’s always good to set the mood with music. You can have it ready from Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, or any online streaming service. Imagine listening to the Thanksgiving Theme by Vince Guaraldi Trio or Gratitude by Earth, Wind, and Fire while devouring that turkey leg… what a celebration

3. Turkey-themed costume because… why not?

Since your Friendsgiving celebration is away from home, how about you bring some coziness into the office? You can have an ugly sweater party, Thanksgiving style! You can wear anything – a turkey hat or a turkey vest—your choice.

4. Do a cheesy icebreaker!

How about a new spin on an old classic? “Who are you thankful for in the office and why?” Yeah? You might be surprised to learn that one of your colleagues is grateful for your presence. Icebreakers bring a team closer and are a good starter for the first five awkward minutes at the table. If you have no idea which one you should do first, you can check it out here: 3 Fun Icebreakers You Should Try in Your Virtual Meeting (themagicofcoby.com)

5. Stay safe, social distancing, please

Though most of us are back to working in the office as we did before the pandemic, let us not forget the safety protocols. Yes, this is a great time to celebrate again, together. But we don’t want to jeopardize each other’s health by not following social distancing. Covid is still around, so let’s be cautious with our actions for a healthier and happier Thanksgiving celebration.

All in all, I hope everyone has a beautiful day and that you enjoy your holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving!

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