7 Exciting Holiday Games for Virtual Office Parties

4 people playing virtual games at an office party
December 10, 2021

Have you ever wondered if there was something fun you could do while at work during the holidays? Well, here’s your chance!

While most would think of parties and drinking when thinking of the holidays, there are plenty of other things you can do at work throughout the year that are just as much fun. Here are 7 ideas that are perfect for the office party season!

This blog post has come to you because there are so many boring events at the office during the holidays. There are also many ways to enjoy yourself that don’t require traveling away from home. So if you want to stay close to home when celebrating the holidays without having to leave the office, then these 7 ideas are perfect for you. Firstly, let us start with some of the best office holiday traditions:

1. Office Secret Santa

The office secret Santa is a great way to get everyone in the office together and have a little bit of fun. The idea behind this event is simple; each person gives their co-workers one gift, and they must guess who gave it to them. If they think correctly, they will receive an additional gift from another person on their list.

Once all of the gifts have been given out, we take a picture of everyone with their new present.

2. The Naughty List

This is a unique holiday variation of the game Never Have I Ever.

The rules are simple:

  1. Each player holds up their hand with ten fingers showing.
  2. Every team member makes a statement beginning with “You’re on the naughty list if….”
  3. When someone commits an offense, they lower their index finger.
  4. After a certain point, the game ends when there’s just one person left who hasn’t yet put their hand up.
  5. The one left with all the fingers in the air at the end of the game wins.

Feel free to customize your naughty list to make it more fun! 🙂

3. Holiday Party Bingo

I love bingo games! They are a fun way to pass the time while you wait for your turn and a great way to play virtually. You can simply download a template on Google or create your own and make it more fun! This is played a regular bingo. For your virtual bingo, select one among your teammates to host it. Enjoy!

4. Next Year’s Goals

A fun way to keep track of goals that you want to accomplish next year. Each teammate writes down three things they want to achieve by the end of next year. Once everyone has written down their goals, we take a photo of our group and post it on social media using next year’s goals. You can certainly do this virtually or in person too.

5. Office Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Another fun way to exchange gifts with your co-workers! It’s a lot like Secret Santa, but you are exchanging gifts instead of giving away a gift. Everyone gets a piece of paper and writes down three names of friends they’d like to swap gifts with. Each person takes turns drawing a name and giving their partner a gift. Considering that this will be done virtually, you can swap ahead of time. You can send your remote teammate your gift the week before the virtual Christmas party and open it at your virtual Christmas party.

6. Ho-ho-holiday Heist

A virtual holiday party game where players compete against each other for prizes by stealing from their friends’ houses during the holidays! Teams must figure out which seasonal suspect stole a special eggnog recipe before the biggest holiday party of the year. On Zoom, your teams come together to learn about holiday traditions while solving puzzles and collecting clues. A high-energy holiday-loving host presents puzzles and dispenses hints to help teams unravel the merry mystery.

7. Make a Holiday Card for Your Remote Teammates

This is another idea that can be done virtually or in person. What’s more, it’s an easy way to send your team a little holiday cheer and remind them of the things you appreciate about them.

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