How Often Should You Hold Team Building Events?

Team building virtual magic show
March 22, 2024

Team building events are a staple in many companies, serving as a catalyst for fostering stronger relationships, enhancing collaboration, and boosting morale among team members. 

Whether your team operates in-person or virtually, team building events play a vital role in cultivating a positive and cohesive work environment. But how often should you hold these events to maximise their effectiveness?

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

One way to answer this question is considering the size of your team:

– Small Teams

For small teams, consisting of a handful of members, scheduling team building events every two months, give or take, or on a quarterly basis can be highly beneficial. These frequent gatherings provide opportunities for team members to connect, share ideas, and build rapport in a more intimate setting. Regular interaction helps maintain momentum and ensures that relationships remain strong.

– Large Teams

In the case of larger teams, comprising several departments or units, a combination of smaller events throughout the year, along with one significant event annually, can be more practical. Hosting a few smaller events periodically allows for targeted team bonding activities tailored to specific groups or interests, while an annual large-scale event brings everyone together for a memorable experience.

– Extra Large Teams

For extra-large teams, with a vast number of members spread across various locations or divisions, a customised approach may be necessary. Consider holding a mix of team building events throughout the year, ranging from department-specific gatherings to company-wide celebrations. Additionally, incorporating virtual team building activities can help bridge geographical gaps and ensure that all team members feel included and engaged.

Unique Team Building Activity Idea

In-person magic shows and virtual magic shows are innovative ways to bring team members together, break down barriers, and create memorable experiences. Let’s explore how magician shows, both in-person magic shows and virtual magic shows, can serve as powerful team building activities. 

– In-Person Magic Shows

In-person magic shows are an interactive magician show that provides a unique and interactive experience that captivates audiences and encourages participation. The element of surprise and wonder creates an atmosphere of excitement and fosters a sense of camaraderie among team members.

– Virtual Magic Shows

Similarly, virtual magic shows offer the flexibility to engage remote team members while still delivering an entertaining and immersive experience. With advanced technology and interactive features, virtual magic shows can bring teams together regardless of their physical location, making them ideal for remote or hybrid work environments.

World-Class Magician At Your Service

Introducing Coby Jacobs, a world-class magician whose captivating performances are perfect for team building events. Whether in-person or virtual, The Magic of Coby guarantees to leave a lasting impression on your team. With Coby’s expertise and charm, he creates unforgettable experiences that bring teams closer together and inspire collaboration.

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About Coby

Professional magician and mentalist Coby is based out of Toronto Canada. He has performed for many heads of state including Prime Minister Harper and for the Prince of Morocco. He has been invited to perform by world renowned illusionist David Copperfield. Coby performs over 500 magic shows a year -more than any other magician in Canada. His blend of magic and mentalism intertwined with his charm and charisma make him the perfect choice for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Trade Shows, and Corporate events. For more details please visit