5 Quirky Ideas For a Hybrid Teamsgiving Celebration

Team building ideas portrayed with three different people connecting virtually
November 19, 2021

Do you ever get tired of doing things the same old traditional way for Thanksgiving? If you want to try something new but don’t know where to start, then this is for you! Often, we find ourselves looking for ways to keep morale and productivity high. Sometimes these ideas aren’t always practical, but they are fun and creative. I think it’s fair to say that most people – including myself – have probably at some point tried to do something different from what people are used to when it comes to celebrating Thanksgiving.

A traditional holiday meal is an opportunity to sit down with your friends and co-workers to spend time together. Remote workers rarely have that luxury, so giving thanks in person may not be possible. And if there isn’t going to be physical contact, making sure everyone knows how much each means to them becomes even more challenging. On top of that, it takes a lot more planning and coordination than just grabbing dinner in town.

Although the idea of virtual celebrations may sound counterintuitive because it doesn’t feel like real Thanksgiving, I think it makes sense, especially for smaller groups who might not have a large enough geographical footprint to travel anywhere.

So here are my suggestions for a quirky virtual version “teamsgiving” session of the day. I hope you enjoy it!

1. “Pun flavors.”

What’s a celebration without food? What’s Thanksgiving without a feast? Right? Whether virtual or in-person, you can do this by bringing out your favorite dish. Doing a potluck? You can bring food and pun together to say thank you, to make it even more fun! “Thanks a latte for all that you do.” “It “mints” a lot!”

2. Bake-along

This is an excellent Teamsgiving idea. Who doesn’t love cookies anyway? You can bake together in person or even virtually. Set a schedule for your team. Bake cookies of your liking and decorate them with your team. Besides, there are many ready-to-bake cookies out there, so that’ll save you from having burnt cookies.

3. From Tablecloth to a Thank-you Cloth

Giving out thank you cards is a clie every Thanksgiving. So we thought of upgrading this idea instead. How about turning your tablecloth into a keepsake? Sounds unique, right? It’s as simple as drawing your thanks on the tablecloth. Cover the table with a white tablecloth, then scatter cloth markers. Ask your friends to write anything that they’re thankful for. It can be anything: a Thanksgiving memory or a quirky self-portrait will do. After the meal ends, you’ll have a colorful memento to use every Thanksgiving. This is a nice idea because you can do this remotely too.

4. Craft that Cornucopia

A cornucopia is used to show how bountiful the harvest is. It is often filled with typical autumn fruits and vegetables for this year’s Thanksgiving, you can ask your team members to bring objects, fruits, or food meaningful to them. Fill your basket or another decorative container with things you love and make it a significant centerpiece.

5. The Big-give project

As you and your team look back at this past year, it is essential to think about what you are grateful for. There is indeed a lot to be thankful for. Maybe your team topped the sales for a quarter or hit their goals month over month. Or simply being healthy and happy together as a team is already something to be thankful for. They say to save the best for last, and I’d say there’s nothing better than giving back after receiving so much over the past year. Find a cause that is important to your organization, then give back. You and your team can join charity programs, help cancer patients for a day, or even help build homes for pets. It can be anything that you find meaning in.

Thanksgiving is only a few days from now. We’d love to see your team’s Thanksgiving activity this year. If you like any of these activities, feel free to do so with your team, friends, or families.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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