5 creative ways to introduce a new team member virtually

Two virtual team members shaking hands and introducing themselves
August 13, 2021

They say it takes 20 seconds to create your first impressions in meeting someone new. First impressions are lasting, and if it’s less than great, it takes a long time to change it.

What’s more challenging is the fact that most of us are working remotely. Because of the new normal, everything has changed. Many people have switched from the office setup to setting up their own offices at home. Thanks to new technology, getting connected is more accessible by using apps and software.

Although technology bridges the gap in your remote work setup, introducing a new team member can still be challenging. Unlike before, you can’t do office rounds to introduce your new hire nor go to each cubicle to say hi in a virtual setting.

That’s why we created five creative ways for you to introduce a new team member VIRTUALLY and make the process easier.

1. Virtual grand introduction

One better way to introduce your new team member is to announce it to the rest of the organization. It feels good to be welcomed by everyone. It also informs everyone that the position is already taken. This skips the “hey-it’s-the-new-guy-what’s-his-name” phase.

You can introduce your new team member by:

  • during your company virtual team meeting
  • via your slack channel,
  • or even by sending out a company email.

2. Online team member chart

You might have already memorized each of your department’s team names and titles. One of the easiest ways to do this is through your company’s organizational chart. Get your new team member the chart on day one. The org chart will make learning the names and titles easier, even if you’re all remote workers.

Make sure that it’s updated so as not to miss anyone 😉

3. Digital room for new members

Everyone in your team may be friendly, but some new team members may feel a little shy in mingling with the veterans. So, a digital room for the newbies is a safe environment where they can share their experiences, explore and socialize.

You can create a private channel in your slack community or even a group chat on Skype. Whichever you feel is more appropriate for you and your team.

4. Remote team welcome lunch

This is one of the things many workers missed with the new normal setup. I admit it. It’s fun to get around and get acquainted over lunch meetings or dinners out. But don’t worry, because you can still do this even remotely.

You and your team members can schedule an online team lunch via Zoom, WebEx, or Google Meet. A box of pizza won’t cost that much in knowing who the new team members are. Either you or the new team member can choose a theme of which food you want to have. Enjoy it over your casual get-to-know-you discussions.

5. Gamification

Virtual employee activities are a great way to start conversations. Engagement activities improve the relationship between an organization and team members.

Online office games can be from 10-15 minutes, depending on the challenges you’ve prepared. You can do an online scavenger hunt, play Who wants to be a Millionaire, or even have an online magic show! You can watch it here, themagicofcoby.com, to give you an idea.

What a better way to boost creativity and communication at the same time. Try it. It’s fun!

6. Virtual work buddy

They say work friendships are hardly built due to a lack of interaction with the new normal setup. It can be lonely and isolating for some. Having a virtual work buddy or pairing up a new team member with an existing one is helpful. It allows you to have familiar faces in your virtual office setup.

For more unique virtual activities, you can check it out here.

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