Magic Shows to Complement Your Trade Show

February 4, 2024

In the fast-paced world of marketing events and trade shows, making a lasting impression on potential customers is paramount. While traditional marketing tactics can effectively convey your message, incorporating entertainment into your strategy can set you apart from the competition and leave a memorable impact on attendees. 

This is where in-person magic shows, magician shows, and illusionist shows come into play, transforming your trade show booth into a captivating destination for visitors.

In-person magic shows captivate audiences and encourage active participation, drawing attendees to your booth and sparking meaningful conversations–these conversations may even plant the seeds for loyal customers in the future! 

Magician shows and illusionist shows provide a unique opportunity for engagement, allowing potential customers to experience your brand in an entertaining and memorable way. 

An experienced trade show magician can also seamlessly integrate your product, service, or message into their routines, effectively communicating the benefits of your offerings while entertaining the audience. Through customised performances, magicians inform and amaze potential customers, leaving a lasting impression that extends beyond the trade show floor.

Perhaps no benefit to hiring a magician for your trade show event is the opportunity to create networking opportunities! 

In person magic shows create a dynamic environment conducive to networking and relationship building. As attendees gather to witness the magic unfold, they naturally engage with each other and with your team, fostering connections and facilitating meaningful interactions that can lead to future business opportunities.

At The Magic of Coby we specialise in providing personalised and captivating magic shows that complement your trade show booth and enhance your marketing events. With years of experience as a professional magician and mentalist, Coby combines his charm, charisma, and expertise to create unforgettable experiences for your audience.

Coby seamlessly incorporates your product or service into his routines, effectively communicating your value proposition while entertaining and captivating your audience. Through interactive magic tricks and mind-bending illusions, Coby actively engages attendees, attracting crowds to your booth and creating memorable interactions that leave a lasting impression.

Through careful planning and collaboration, Coby seamlessly integrates your brand elements into his performances, ensuring a cohesive and memorable experience for attendees. Whether highlighting key product features or reinforcing your company values, Coby’s magic acts as a powerful extension of your brand, leaving a lasting impression on trade show visitors.

Book your demo call with Coby Jacobs today to learn more about how an in person magic show can complement your trade show and transform your booth into a captivating destination that stands out from the crowd. Let the magic unfold and leave a lasting impression on your audience! 

About Coby

Professional magician and mentalist Coby is based out of Toronto Canada. He has performed for many heads of state including Prime Minister Harper and for the Prince of Morocco. He has been invited to perform by world renowned illusionist David Copperfield. Coby performs over 500 magic shows a year -more than any other magician in Canada. His blend of magic and mentalism intertwined with his charm and charisma make him the perfect choice for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Trade Shows, and Corporate events. For more details please visit