Virtual Zoom Games to Play with Remote Teams

September 29, 2023

Team bonding is an indispensable aspect of a united work environment, especially when dealing with a virtual team. Without the shared physical space of an office, engaging in virtual team bonding experiences becomes crucial for boosting morale and fostering trust among team members.

Believe it or not, there are numerous team Zoom games that serve as excellent virtual team bonding ideas, bringing your team closer together even in the digital space. Staying connected is vital, and these games provide a fun and interactive way to achieve just that.

Here are some of our favourite Zoom games that make for fantastic virtual team bonding ideas:

  • At Home Scavenger Hunt– A virtual twist on the classic scavenger hunt, this game involves team members searching for specific items in their homes. It not only promotes collaboration but also adds an element of excitement and discovery to your virtual team bonding experience.
  • Team Zoom Trivia– Put your team’s knowledge to the test with virtual trivia. Cover a range of topics, from company history to general knowledge, and watch as your team collaborates to answer questions, fostering a sense of unity and friendly competition.
  • Two Truths & a Lie Icebreaker Game– A timeless icebreaker, this Zoom game encourages team members to share personal facts, allowing colleagues to learn more about each other in a lighthearted way. It is an effective way to break down barriers and build trust within your team.
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors Via Zoom Reactions– Take the classic hand game to the virtual space by using Zoom reactions. This simple yet entertaining game adds an element of fun to your virtual meetings, creating shared moments of laughter.
  • Zoom Charades– Bring the classic party game to your virtual team bonding session. Team members take turns acting out words or phrases without speaking, while others guess. It is a fantastic way to encourage creativity and collaboration.

While these virtual team bonding ideas are a great start, you can take it to the next level through virtual magic shows! 

Virtual magic shows are not just entertainment, they are a fantastic way to bring your team together. Customizable to your team’s preferences and your team bonding objectives, these virtual magic shows give everyone a front row seat to professional entertainment in the virtual realm.  
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About Coby

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